About Us

Robert grew up in Western Massachusetts exploring the hills near his home on his mountain bike and spending as much time as possible outdoors. Candice grew up in Colorado and spent her summers traveling to many of the National Parks with her family. In 1997 they both moved to Alaska and met each other shortly after arriving. They quickly found that they shared three passions: each other, the breath taking beauty surrounding them, and nature photography. As Alaska captivated them and became their home the desire to share all that inspired them lead to the creation of "Siciliano Photography".

Robert has had a number of photographs honored in competitions including Natures Best Magazine Annual Photography Awards and the North American Nature Photographers Annual Expressions Showcase. Robert has also had multiple Aurora photos in Aurora Borealis: A Photo Memory. Candice has been honored in Alaska Magazine Annual Photography. Currently both of us are working with various Alaskan publishers on calendars, and with Alaska Stock Agency.